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About IPL Plastics Inc.

Since 1939, our commitment to customer service continues to this day – working closely with customers to develop innovative solutions that support their productivity and competitiveness. Today, IPL Plastics is a leading sustainable packaging solutions provider with attractive growth characteristics. We manufacture specialty packaging products used primarily in the food and consumer, agricultural, logistics and environmental end-markets.

The United States, United Kingdom and Canada are our three largest geographical markets. We have a highly diversified base of more than 5,300 customers, and offer products ranging from tamper-evident food containers, pails, bowls, tubs, and lids to wheeled containers and material handling containers.

Our operations, located in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, China and Mexico are comprised of a network of 14 manufacturing facilities, 7 corporate and sales offices and 4 Centres for Innovation and Excellence.

Consumer Packaging Solutions

We manufacture specialty thin-wall injection molded containers, lids, overcaps and custom packaging solutions for branded and private label food and consumer products customers in North America and Europe.

Large Format Packaging & Environmental Solutions

We provide a range of large pails, containers and crates for the food and consumer, environmental, retail, agricultural and industrial end-markets.

Returnable Packaging Solutions

We manufacture bulk containers used in the agricultural sector. Recently, we have also begun to supply these products to the automotive logistics market.

Geographic Footprint

North America

Europe  & Asia

North America

Europe & Asia


Manufacturing Facilities


Corporate & Sales Offices Worldwide


R&D Facilities in Canada, U.S. and Ireland


Million Square Feet of Manufacturing and R&D Space

Management Team

Alan Walsh

Director and CEO
Alan Walsh (FCA, AITI) is the CEO of the Company. In November 2011, he was appointed as chief executive officer of IPL plc, having served since July 1, 2011 as interim chief executive officer. Prior to that, he was the chief financial officer of the Group from July 2009. Mr. Walsh qualified as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG and subsequently worked with Matheson and AXIS Capital. He graduated from University College Dublin with a degree in International Commerce. Mr. Walsh is also a non-executive director of Pioneer.

Pat Dalton

Director and CFO
Pat Dalton (FCA, AITI) is the CFO. He joined IPLP in 2012 as chief financial officer of IPL plc. Mr. Dalton worked for GPA Group plc from 1992 and was appointed chief financial officer of Debis AirFinance B.V, which acquired GPA Group plc in 2000. Mr. Dalton was previously chief financial officer of Bord Gáis Éireann, the Government of Ireland state-owned gas and electricity supplier, a position he held from 2002 to 2006, before joining Menolly Property, an international real estate development company based in Ireland, as CFO in 2006. Mr. Dalton holds a bachelor’s degree in Commerce and a postgraduate qualification in Accountancy from University College Dublin and is a Qualified Chartered Accountant and a member of the Institute of Taxation in Ireland.